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Amazing! Did you know that, currently, almost 100% of automobiles are recycled through junk yards, wrecking yards, salvage yards, and many different venues every single year? Here are somethings that you did not know about the Chula Vista junkyard industry:

Over 25 Million tons of old vehicles are recycled each and every single year

That is around 27 Million cars per year!

Recycling old cars reduces accidents by removing old and malfunctioning cars on the road

Automobiles are the most recycled product in the world!

the Automobile recycling industry started in approximately 1935

Tires are often recycled into roads and sandals

the junk yard industry provides more than 40% of iron like metals to the scrap processing industry

Every car uses around 25% of already recycled metals.

History of Junkyards

while most people look at the energy way of junkyards in Chula Vista ca 91911 to be a graveyard for destroyed vehicles, it is much more than that. Back before the 80’s household recycling simply did not exist. So long before that especially during the industrial revolution and WWI and WWII there was a massive need for metals. Junkyards were able to provide exactly that. By recycling old and broken parts and used auto mobiles in general, junkyards were able to supply our growth as a nation.

What Do Junkyards Do in Chula Vista

Every car will, at one point have the chance to make its way to a junk yard. Sometimes for cash and sometimes because it’s now just getting in the way. When the vehicle makes it there, it is then stripped of all working, reusable parts. You might be astonished at what number of things on a auto mobile can be reused. Most of the pieces and parts can be reused subject to the condition of how well is is working. A lot of parts like the lights, mirrors, windows, and audio system are, more often than not, in impeccable working condition. There are many pieces from the engine and transmission both that can also be reused. It is put on a suspender and a Junk Yard auto technician will, one by one, remove the useable parts from the car.

Junkyards in Chula Vista, CA

Parts can be repaired so they can be sold at a sensible cost. This is a win, shoppers get a decent arrangement on auto parts that are consummately usable and the earth gets a break on disintegrating these parts. Additionally, materials and vitality are spared by not building the same number of new auto parts. There are no washouts with auto reusing.

Environmentally Friendly Junkyard in Chula Vista

The oils and liquids are drained. Batteries removed. And the rest of the unwanted frame and worthless pieces are crushed into a small cube of iron. The recycled iron is usually shipped off for sale where the process starts all over again. We know that most of you are not here to save the planet, although that is a definite bonus, you are here to save money and we can do exactly that for you.

Our Selection is Huge

Junkyards Pick Your Part of Chula Vista, CA, highlights a huge number of utilized autos for you to look over. San Diego- Chula Vista Junkyards has sections of land of the most mainstream early and late model utilized vehicles, both outside and household, including:









Chula Vista Junk yard

Why us?

Standard Auto Recycling, your San Diego, Chula Vista Junk yard, purchases utilized autos from nearby sell-offs, insurance agencies, tow organizations, and individuals simply like you. Vehicles are initially prepared through the prep building where all liquids are depleted from the utilized auto or truck before they are put on wheel remains in the rescue yard, prepared for pulling.

Sell Your Old Beat Up Car

Planning an auto-pickup with an auto recycler in San Diego has never been less demanding. Discover a Chula Vista junkyard like us that will go grab your vehicle and give you money for it. Some of the time, it is justified, despite all the trouble you have to go through in order to scrap your car when you will get paid more than offering it yourself or exchanging for another one. With the cash, you get from scrapping your vehicle you will have the capacity to put some cash toward another vehicle.

Auto Recycling at It’s Best

While reaching out to Standard Auto Recycling- Chula Vista Junk yard, make certain to let us know what kind of make, model, and year your car is. From there our business will be able to help you achieve what you want. Whether it is to sell your old beater, or it is to get your hands on some used parts. Standard Auto Recycling will require a legitimate ID and the vehicle’s title if you are looking to sell your car. Our business uses its absolute best practices all across the

Search for parts at our Junkyard

On the off chance that you are searching for a utilized automobile part, you got some good luck. We are here to get you the part that you require. If we do not have your part for the absolutely lowest price possible, we will send you to a nearby junkyard in Chula Vista that does. Save time and cash on your auto repair by reaching Standard Auto Recycling auto wrecking. Scrapped used auto parts work similarly and shiny new parts aside from they may hint at use and cost less. With the most affordable Chula Vista Junkyard, you can rapidly and effortlessly find us and help you discover the part you require!

Chula Vista CA 91911

Give us a call, email us, or use the contact form provided and we will be glad to come to your location provide your with a receipt of donation, and tow your car all at no cost! Help us save the planet and make this world a cleaner place! Did your car break down again? Come to us for a professional engine and or transmission replacement and Installation. Our expert team will install your new engine and transmission in a jiffy, and your car will be running smoother than ever.

Why are We Better than Everybody Else?

Here at the energy way Chula Vista Junkyard, we sell the absolute cheapest auto parts, 100% guaranteed. We have a massive selection of used OEM auto parts ready to be used to fix your car. Especially right now, when times are tough, there is no need to go buy brand new car parts. You end up paying 3 times the price and get a fraction of the value. Our business has a 90-day money back guarantee on every part that we sell and install in your vehicle. Our customer service has beat the competition time and time again.

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