Chula Vista, San Diego Auto Installations


We have a huge selection of used parts anything from Ford to Mercedes and everything in between. Swing by, grab a part, and have it installed in the same day! We do installations the right way! Standard Auto Recycling, your local Chula Vista Installation expert, is here to make your new engine or transmission run like new!  If you are not satisfied, come back and you will receive a FULL 100% money back refund on your purchases.


Installation tips and guidelines (DIY):


  • Flush cooling framework before installing motor to rid your motor of any toxic wastes!
  • Clean or supplant oil strainer and get tube screen.
  • Replace oil channel.
  • Replace oil dish gasket and back principle seal.
  • Deplete and change motor oils to producers recommended levels.
  • Supplant any water hoses or vacuum lines that need supplanting.
  • check for oil weight.
  • Replace valve cover gasket if required.
  • Check electrical and cooling frameworks around those parts being installed.
  • Put in new belts and hoses.



Chula Vista Auto Part Installations

These straightforward methods will ensure the you get some time out of the used engine and or transmission that you have recently purchased. Numerous wrecking yards will offer you a used motor, however Standard Auto Recycling, your Chula Vista Installation pros, is a wrecking yard that will offer you  a clean, optimized motor at the cheapest cost you will find. and on top of that have a free 100 day warranty. If you would like a little more assurance, we also offer 6 month and 1 year long warranties at a small cost. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and hopefully not have to come back for new parts too soon! Check our news to keep up on the used auto parts industry